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Name:Azog the Defiler
Birthdate:May 12
Azog was the name of an Orc captain who commanded the Moria orcs from at least TA 2790 until his death in TA 2799.

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Azog is the orc chieftain of Moria, and is called The Defiler or The Pale Orc. When Balin tells the story of the Battle of Azanulbizar, Azog is shown in the flashback battling King Thror and beheading him; this enrages the king's grandson, Thorin Oakenshield.

Azog has Thorin beat, until the dwarf prince grabs fallen oak and uses it as a shield against the orc's mace. Thorin grabs a fallen dwarf's sword, and cuts off Azog's left arm. Enraged and wounded, Azog is dragged back into Moria by his fellow orcs, and believed by Thorin to have died of his wounds. Azog, however, survives and plots against the dwarves again, in contrast to his death at the hands of Dain Ironfoot.

Later in the film an orc, Yazneg, reports his failure to kill the dwarves back to Azog and is killed by him whilst with an Orc pack camping on Weathertop. Azog now hunts Thorin and Company, having taken an oath to break the line of Durin. He leads a band of Hunter Orcs and rides a huge white Warg. He is also shown wearing a prosthetic hand and forearm in place of his missing left arm.

In a climactic scene of the film, Azog and his band of Warg riders finally catch up with Thorin and Company, who are forced to climb trees to escape the wargs. Thorin cannot hold back his anger and charges at Azog, who easily fells Thorin with his mace. Azog then orders one of his orc followers to bring him Thorin's head, but the wounded Dwarf lord is saved by Bilbo Baggins, and Thorin and Company are rescued by Great Eagles. Most of the orcs and wargs are killed by the Eagles, but Azog and his white Warg are left alive, indicating that he may appear in the next film of the trilogy as well.

Unlike any other orcs played yet in the Peter Jackson films, Azog and his band speak using the dark Orcish language rather than in English, indicating that he is probably much older and prouder than most other orcs shown and has possibly lived a more tribal life, less exposed to men.

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